Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 3 - First pass Splining

Things to remember:
- Have a moment of celebration when turning a shit in ^^  enjoy that it is alive now
- Straight inbetweens completely kill the essence of an action
- Webcams run with 15fps, that's great for finding smear frames (- tip by dana boadway)
- Break stuff when it smooths the arc out
- Don't offset keys! Make another Keyframe (in Blocking)
- When you grab something, grab first with small finger


Mentor notes: 
- things to improve the bus and cam movement
- after  bus leaves, she can slump down
- she moves both arms at the same time, put screenleft hand where it is in the end-pose
- f1-3 make sure she's moving forward
- tZ should be a bit smoother
- trip has too much frames (it slows down too much)
- kick forward on f18 doesn't work
- (draws over poses)
- watch head spacing on fall and add more frames for rebound
- add more time around f34, give body and legs more time

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