Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 2 - Hotkeys and Blocking

Jason, our Mentor shared his Maya hotkey configuration with us! It's so great, now i don't have to do all the clicking and shifting anymore when dealing with my timing in Mayas Timeline, i can simply press "k" for deleting an inbetween, "l" for inserting one and "m" for deleting a key.

Also I decided to make hotkeys for the Outliner (8), Graph Editor (0) <-- like in XSI
and for the Playblast (9)


Happy, happy, happy, happy...

Here my blocking pass for this week:


Mentor comments:
- He likes it :)
- Camera should trackout faster and come then back a bit for a nice snap
- I may add cubes indicating buildings
- The stretched pose holds for 5f, that's too long (2f is enough)
- Then he asked me to add a few breakdowns, here and there and drew over different poses...
- At the last pose she comes up, just moving the elbows, she has to move her shoulders first and her arms after
- After she's coming up, she has to settle down a little bit with a nice arc in it

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