Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 11 - Prefinal Assignments

Mentor notes: 

Dancing Stan:
- f141-151 - leg straightens and then bends again (causes knee pop)
- f64 - foot pops up too quick, drag foot more
- f69 - something weird with this frame, have foot not so much up
- f34 head popping, have it more to the left (draws over near frames to find out what position fits best)
- f139-f152 - SR shoulder is funky, when coming up to f136 have the shoulder where it is on f150
Just hold pose up there without this weird drift

Catching Bus:
- f42 - head is drifting around, just hold still after she hit the floor
- f54 - pop in back arm (cheat it over cut)
- f55 - pop in the front arm (let it come up slower)
- f113 - leave hand in this pose, weird stuff is going on with her thumb (hit it on f56 and leave it til 113)
- add a blink somewhere around frame 99

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