Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 7 - Blocking

Mentor Comments:

- Stans proportions are different. His hands are much bigger. Having them rest on the knees doesn't work. Put them on the ground instead.
- Then drag hands across the ground
- 2nd option: Hands on belly
- Watch out the knees of stan. They always should be slightly bent.


What I should remember:
- Animation is about communicating ideas and performance to the audience
- Make poses strong (character pose have to work in silhouette - like Charlie Chaplin)
- Keep it simple
- Don't fiddle around with details before dealing with the essence of your shot. 
- Main idea has to be clear for the audience. What do you want to show? How are you going to show it?
- Blocking has to be timed right, before you go to spline

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