Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 02 - Blocking





Mentor Notes:
-How is he surprised of the boomerang when he's looking right into the direction it's coming from?
-Stick a couple of trees around or something that's blocking his view (makes more sense that returning boomerang suprises him)
-Pose on frame 83 feels awkward
-Don't let him look on places the boomerang can't be (towards camera, to the right) it would make more sense for him to look more up
-f167 work on this pose - get him much lower to the ground through this part, give him a deep crouch (squash:)
-f173 immediatly turn your head - facing away
-f109  the feet are a bit too parallel
-Put returning boomerang in shot
- If you run out of time, cut the run at the end
-f169-173 you can have a bit of a scramble happen in the feet, here
-controlled moves at the beginning, then panic (chaos) - that's the emotion change
 -f171 freeze in this pose with big eyes. then relax a bit, blink blink (thinking "what just happened?")

I tried greasepencil to draw clearer lines of action on my shot:

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