Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 5 - Blocking a Vanilla Dog Walk

again, two sloan poses "in motion"

my mentors critique for the left pose was:
- bring the frontleft leg down, like this it looks like it's diving

he liked the right pose but said, that the left backleg has to be more dog - z-shaped

now: the vanilla blocking:



i revised it according to the mentor critiques
- tone down side to side shifting
- bring front legs more together
- make shape of legs clearer
- when front legs reaching forward, make them reach more forward
- when front legs are kicking off, bring them not so much forward
- take care of the hip-pop that occures in front view

here is the new blocking:

to-dos in this version:
- feet are intersecting. to stop that, bring the back legs outside the front legs
- elbows are sticking out too much. bring the pole vector for the elbows in.
- front leg is reaching out too far forward, tone this down a little


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